Happy Independence Day

Since Fourth of July is quickly approaching, you might want to think of a fun, festive treat for the kiddos. These are great because you don’t need a Popsicle mold – just some Dixie cups and wooden sticks. If you’re opposed to using ingredients like Jell-O and Cool Whip, you can definitely make a strawberry … Continued

67. How to Help Your Dog Get Through a Move: Before and After

Photo via Pixabay Dogs can be very sensitive, and one of the things they are most sensitive to is change. Even the fiercest dog will often become needy and anxious when introduced to a major change such as a move, so it’s important to think of ways to help your pet acclimate both before and … Continued

54. Why You Should Choose an Aparthotel for Your Next Vacation

Source Interestingly enough, i was looking for options recently for a recent mini break, when i stumbled upon this option that I took advantage of for the long weekend with family and a few friends. Whether traveling is something you do once a year or you plan getaways as frequently as you can manage, it’s … Continued

31. The Winter Can Be a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Selling a house is difficult enough without stressing about the time you are choosing to sell. While most real estate agents claim that late spring and early summer are the best times to sell a house, there are actually a number of different benefits you can make use of when you sell your house in … Continued