5 Reasons Why It May Be a Mistake to List Your House With a Anderson SC Agent

losing money when selling your house with a real estate agent

If you’re working with a South Carolina real estate agent to sell your house in Anderson, you may find yourself with much less cash in hand than you anticipated when you finally close. We all wish selling a home is as easy as sticking a sticking a for sale sign in the front yard and calling it sold, but unfortunately there is more to it than that. There is a lot of preparation and expense involved with listing a home on the market; at a minimum, you’ll likely need to add some fresh paint to the inside and outside and update any outdated decor. This could include minor things like old bathroom fixtures to major things like a kitchen renovation to ensure you get the highest sales price on the market. Staging your home using neutral tones and eliminating any personalized belongings is always highly recommended so that new buyers can picture themselves in a home. In addition, professional digital photography is now the standard because marketing today requires high-quality imagery to attract buyers as they endlessly scroll through listings online to find their perfect home. 

Once you’ve done (or have paid someone to do) all of your prep work, it’s time to sit back and wait for the showings, pack up your kids, hide all evidence of any pets, and find entertainment for your family outside of the house when your agent calls. You may have to do that multiple times throughout the weeks and months while you wait for the right, qualified buyer to appear. If having to pay for all the prep work before the sale and the inconveniences of a long, drawn-out listing process doesn’t sound worth it to you, read on as we explore five reasons why listing your house with an Anderson SC agent may be a mistake.

Unrealistic Price

Even in a hot market, homeowners set an emotional value on their homes and believe it’s worth more than the current market can support; especially with mortgage rates skyrocketing and pricing first time home buyers out. It may be a mistake to list your house with an Anderson SC Realtor if the agent agrees with the price you think the home is worth instead a realistic number. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Most of the time Realtors just want the listing and will do whatever they need to get it.

Unfortunately, you will start to realize too late when the house sits on the market unsold for too long and the agent begins to hint at price drops as a fix. The problem with this scenario is twofold, more time on the market means a lower final sales price, and an agent shouldn’t do everything you say; remember, you’re paying them for their knowledge and expertise to guide you. On the other hand, by working with a reputable Anderson cash home buyer like us, you’ll see up front what you’d earn from listing your home with an Realtor versus our cash offer, which you’ll agree is fair and honest. We do this at House Hub Real Estate Solutions because we believe in transparency and showing you all the numbers so that you can decide which sales method is best for your circumstances. To top it off House Hub Real Estate Solutions never charge commissions, and there are no hidden fees when you sell your home to us.


The type of repairs needed can play a big part when determining if you should list your house with an Anderson SC real estate agent or if you should sell directly to an Anderson SC cash home buyer. If you haven’t ensured that your home can easily pass the inspection phase of the sales process and appraise at value, both requirements for your buyers to qualify for their loan, then that is something that you absolutely need to consider. Unless your home is brand new or in like-new condition, you may find yourself paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket and quickly cutting into the profits you were counting on from the sale of your home.

Another reason properties may sit on the market for many days, weeks and months is if there are obvious signs of the property being in a state of distress in the listing photos. Most of your every day home buyers are looking for houses that are in ready-to-move-in condition, so if your house needs some significant repairs and you do get offers they are likely to be at bargain-basement prices. Lowball offers can be very upsetting for sellers that do not have a realistic picture of the current market value of their property in its present condition. As an alternative, an Anderson SC cash home buyer like House Hub Real Estate Solutions will buy your home in cash; as-is, we’ll take all of the risks of repairs onto our shoulders so you can move on with your life and focus on the things that matter to you most. 

Quick Sale

lastly, if you’re counting on a quick sale, it may be a big mistake to list your house with an Anderson SC agent. One thing a listing agent cannot provide to you is a closing date. Therefore, they cannot even guarantee that your home will sell on your timeline. Add that to the possibility of problems with your buyers failing to qualify for financing or backing out of the deal if the inspection reveals significant issues. With our small crew at House Hub Real Estate Solutions, we can move quickly from making the offer to the inspection and often sit down at the closing table in just a few weeks. When you sell directly to House Hub Real Estate Solutions, we have the flexibility to set the closing date when it’s most convenient for your plans, too. We work on your timeline so that you dont need to feel rushed if you need time to get things in order.

If you prefer skip the hassles with listing with an agent and save the commissions and closing costs, selling your home directly to House Hub Real Estate Solutions may be just the solution for you. Why not find out how we can help you with a no-obligation consultation? Our goal at House Hub Real Estate Solutions is to make it easy for you to earn the highest profit on the sale of your home. Call House Hub Real Estate Solutions at 864-272-5400.

Teri Karo

Co-Founder of House Hub Real Estate Solutions. Known in the South Carolina real estate market for his acute real estate business acumen, innovative deal-making execution, & capability to deliver value-add results at a high level to his clientele. Teri is one of the top residential real estate and mobile home investors in the Midlands area of South Carolina and brings multiple years of experience in a plethora of multifaceted real estate transactions carried out with the highest level of execution. Karo believes the key to his success has been his faith and delivering value to his community with a strong emphasis on extending kindness, compassion and exceptional service to each and every person.

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