Should Sell Your House in South Carolina or Refinance

Should Sell Your House in South Carolina or Refinance

Home prices in South Carolina have increases significantly over the past few years, as buyers move to The Palmetto State for its iconic seashores, historic cities and relatively affordable cost of living. With that being said, as of March 2022.. so have the mortgage interest rates.

Many things need to be considered while homeowners are determining if it is better to sell or refinance their homes. The decisions you make today will have a substantial impact on your overall financial health in the future, so take the time to consider all the details of each option. If you are one of the many homeowners feeling a bit unsure about whether or not you should sell your house in South Carolina or refinance, read on to learn more. 

A Lot Of Extra Space

You might have needed four bedrooms when you purchased your home years ago, but as the kids have left and gone on their own, your needs may have changed as well. Keeping up with all the cleaning and maintencance of so much space might becoming more of a burden. If that is the case, it may be time for you to sell and downsize.

home renovations in south carolina
Man doing renovations to his home

On the other hand, you may have been single when you purchased your first home, and now two children later and a few pets you are quickly realizing that you have outgrown the house. Refinancing may be an option if the property has room for additions. However, some homeowners would rather avoid the stress, mess, and noise of living in a construction zone, and so it would definitely be worth considering carefully how your family will handle the headaches of renovations when deciding if you should sell your house in South Carolina or refinance.


The pandemic wasn’t kind to some folks and drastically changed our financial circumstances for the worse, which can strongly influence whether or not you should sell your house in South Carolina or refinance. If you are finding it hard to make ends meet, consider that lenders have strict criteria about your credit scores. In addition, if you borrow more than 80 percent of the current market value, you’ll probably be paying an additional fee for private mortgage insurance, PMI, and other lender fees.

struggling financially and need to sell house

Finally, if foreclosure is a possibility, don’t stick your head in the sand and allow procedures to begin without taking any action. Listing a home on the market to sell for the highest possible profit takes both time and money, both of which may not be a possibility for you.

House Hub Real Estate Solutions

If you are trying to decide if you should sell your house in South Carolina or refinance, we will take the time to listen to you and answer any questions with no obligation. At House Hub Real Estate Solutions, we have years of experience to help guide you in knocking down hurdles that homeowners just like you face every day; why not find out how a direct sale to House Hub Real Estate Solutions could be the solution to your problems?

At House Hub Real Estate Solutions, we are your neighbors, and our goal is to help you make the best choice for your situation. At House Hub Real Estate Solutions, we want you to feel good about the deal long afterward, so we detail how much you would profit by listing your home on the South Carolina market details of our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. Working with us to buy your South Carolina home means no worries about repairs or commissions, or hidden fees in our straightforward contract. Contact House Hub Real Estate Solutions at 864-272-5400.

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Co-Founder of House Hub Real Estate Solutions. Known in the South Carolina real estate market for his acute real estate business acumen, innovative deal-making execution, & capability to deliver value-add results at a high level to his clientele. Teri is one of the top residential real estate and mobile home investors in the Midlands area of South Carolina and brings multiple years of experience in a plethora of multifaceted real estate transactions carried out with the highest level of execution. Karo believes the key to his success has been his faith and delivering value to his community with a strong emphasis on extending kindness, compassion and exceptional service to each and every person.

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